Saturday, August 7, 2010

Yard Sale Rules

Sry guys this week we will be skipping the Yard sales due to lack of money and because that money that I am lacking is having to go to school stuff. So instead of Yard Sales today I am going to state a few of what I consider Yard Sale rules some will be for the person hosting the yardsale and some will be for the yard sale customer. Please if I have missed any let me know and I may list them .


*Be neat and clean this doesnt cost you any money just a little effort
and organization skills.

*Dont put out dirty or stain clothes dont pile all you clothes on a tarp,
even if you cant hang them sort them and fold them into neat piles.

*Price items saves time ... Your time!

*NO UNDER GARMENTS: dirty or clean new or used this is just gross and
makes me get in my car and leave because you are nasty! (things that make
you go ewwww!)

*Porn or adult items (Yes I have come across this) lots of people hit these
yardsales with there kids. Be kid friendly... its common sence people, but
if you didnt know, you do now.

*Over priced items: Come on people it is a yard sale not a consignment shop
and I dont care how much you gave for it. I really dont want to pay much
as you did. This is why I am here at 7:02 in the morning .... it is used, sell it as such!
Seems like you are trying to pay a huge house note with your sale.

*Dont walk around hounding me to buy something like some sales person in a
department store. I have left a many of a sale because of this.
Do not have your over zealous kid trying to hound me to buy stuff like a salesman it isnt cute and it makes me want to kick him.

*Have more than one table of stuff or donate it to Goodwill. There is nothing
worse than driving several miles and there is not even anything to look at!!!


*People lets talk about signs.

First off STOP USING the thin paper like "POSTER BOARDS" They get a little moisture on them that early in the morning and they fold up and then we cant read where you are located ... You are not getting customers and are not making any money. Take the extra few dollars and buy the thick poster boards or use a piece of plywood.

*What to write on these signs.

*Write everything the same size because if when I pass it all I can read is Yard sale well some people just arent willing to get lost. Write yard sale or garage sale or patio sale ... whatever and then write what day(s) and then the street name.

*Dont list the items for sale it just junks up the sign use good handwriting if you dont have it ask someone else to write the sign.

*Also have someone hold the sign up and walk about 20 feet back and make sure that it is readable to someone far away. You might even want to drive by it at a slow speed just to see if it is readable.

*Once that sign has been attached. then at every turn or even if its a long drive arrows with the same color that was on the main sign comforts me the yard saler that I have not gotten lost and I am headed in the right direction .

*On the main road sign fly a few Balloon this is a sign to the customer "congrats you have arrived" Yeah its goofy but either you want to make a couple hundred buck by the end of the day or you dont.

And Please Please Please dont be lazy and not remove your Yard sale sign.. I am a firm believer that these people should be publicly hung but others have told me that that kind of thinking is a little extreme.... Yet I dont think so. I think there should be a fine at least for these people.

Yard Sale Customer:

Do not think that we have forgotten about you!

* Respect the seller and being in their yard.

* Put your cigarettes out before you even touch a toe on their driveway.

* Dont block driveways , not the yard sellers or their neighbors

* Dont walk in the Yard Salers neighbors Yard.

* Haggling is o.k. but when the owner say No ..... No means No here too.

* Dont try out any items unless you have the premission of the owner.
O.k. thats all I got now. If I see more I will add them... thank you for you time and good yardsales.