Tuesday, August 10, 2010

I finished a project today and it almost killed me.

Lord help me .... see this is why I dont finish any of my projects. They stress me to the utter most of my being. I swear to you that 90% of the day was running around in a panic. My mind kept floating away from me ...

I swear to you once my inner voice even convinced me that I needed to go paint my

toes and I got out the nail polish and everything before I realized what I was doing!
And here it is all done!!!!

But I hung in there and I finished the Bible reading poster for my girls I teach on weds. night at our church. So instead of doing 3 projects a day I am going to lower my goal to one a day and if I finish more than one ...well you can bet that the world is coming to an end. I watched two hours of daytime T.V. today something I never ever do but it was because I was chained to coffee table where I set up shop to work on this poster.... No wonder women are so messed up ... Their shows are mindset toward those women who spend 3 hours in a tanning bed and have their nails done every other day, You know the ones that dont spank their kids and have their kids in 12 afterschool activities. They give women instructions on how to find and trap a man. How to bleed that said man to death after the catch.
My brain hurts afterwards. I really wasnt meaning to sit and watch it ...I just needed background sounds because if give me silence and I start hearing things and get paranoid. Note to self lets just turn the radio on when we work.