Monday, August 16, 2010

Driving and Cell phones .... People let admit it you cant do it!!

I got up this morning did my usual routine. Kid on bus. (Check!) Husband at work.(Check!) Jill at the gym. (Check!) I had just three places to stop and run errands and then home. I got behind 3 women that were too busy talking on their phone that they couldn't be bothered to either drive the speed limit or pull all the way into the middle lane to turn and the last one went to turn and apparently she could finish her turn due to the riveting conversation she was having. I am not going to lie to you and tell you I suffered these idiots in silence.... oh no no ....there was screaming and waving of hands ( I did resisted the urge to flip some of them off. Yes hello my name is Jill and I suffer from road rage.) and blowing my horn at them. Then as I was headed to wally world ... our light changed from red to green and I like the guy to my right took off and this lady that was getting into the turning lane on the other side of the light just kept coming into my lane .... I look and there is a lady late 30's with a cell phone to her ear and she is trying her best to read something being held by the only thing navigating this huge SUV. Finally she sees me and the phone falls from her ear and both hands hit the wheel and she swears back but still left her in most of my lane so much that I had to let traffic clear so I could go around her vehicle. I am having that wordless conversation with her .... Me hands in the air yelling words that only I can hear and her no where to go with that sheepish look on her face til finally she just looked the other way til I sped off. People please let us except the fact that you guys cant drive and talk at the same time... I am sure there are a few exceptions to the rule but not enough of you to make any kind a difference because to they out number you. Now I have actually seen a cop in Murfreesboro Tennessee my hometown driving and talking on his cell phone and the only thing I had with me was my piece of junk camera and I asked my son to film him but my son wasn't still enough to catch him.... but this is a fact that if our men in blue don't abide by the this law themselves then they sure aren't going to arrest anyone doing it. Oh but my find fellow blabbermouths that cant wait 3 minutes to call their girlfriends and tell them that they have found a sale that cant be missed .... (I call out women because as many times as this has happened to me it has yet to be a man) .... anyway if you EVER make contact with my car while you are on that cellphone .... please let the police know that you don't need an ambulance that you need a special doctor to remove your phone from your backside!!!! I have spent two years healing from a drunk driver and I refuse to endure anoughter idiot without any thought for anyone other than themselves. So please understand my rage in this matter.