Sunday, August 8, 2010

Purging ..... Things that are good for my soul!!

Well today we got up at 7 church at 8:30 Got all of Taylors school supplies read the title folks I am not joking I wait always til I only have like less that 24 hours to get it done ..then something in me kicks into high gear and with the help of the Lord almighty ...I prevail somehow. Being in that crunch gives me a high and when I come out of smelling like a rose, well to me that is the ultimate high! I got that high at about 10:38 this morning at Wally- World.

Once I finally got everyone home I informed my loving husband Robert (God love him) that we were going to clean out of underneath the Huge dresser that we refer to as "ole Bertha" and under our bed well we purged the hell out of that room and somehow for me I can breathe better when I know that everthing is in its place ... Robert had sinus problems so I know he just loved the hell out of this day. I figured that it beat the 100+ heat outside .... I even forgo the thought of mowing our lawn because #1 it is hotter that crap and #2 because of the heat the grass hasnt grown any. It blows my mind when my neighbor are out there mowing absolutely nothing blowing up dust because there is nothing else. Dumbasses. Now here I sit in my craft room that now houses all the shit that I didnt know where to put ...I need more organizational skills I think or a match...OOooo a match!!

Fire we travel this werid life of mine you will uncover that I am a massive fire bug Pyro nutcase and why my house hasnt burned to the ground a couple of time is just the good graces of the Lord. Now I have to leave you great folk and go call my daighter who I totally told her I was going to her house and cut her hair and well .... maybe tommorrow ..Yeah tommorrow hopefully it will always be there ...night folks