Sunday, August 15, 2010

Craigslist: Friend or Foe?

This weekend Jamie and I headed out to our weekend Yard sales ... We drove all over town and the yard sales either a) sucked B) sucked or c) Really sucked. Now this makes me start to wonder.... Is craigslist killing my favorite summer activity? Are people putting all my potential treasures on craigslsit for the fastest and highest bidder. Heavens I hope not. This would kill my very soul. We even took a break and ate breakfast and went back and nothing what is happening. Well I will not post pictures of my finds because all that I came out with was a few shirts that I purchased at the very first yard sale ..... and Jamie I think got a hoodie. These are the days that send us how empty handed and sad. But I still have 14.00 left in my purse unused yard sale money for next week.

Jamie and I are plotting at Yard sale adventure to Brentwood Tennessee where all our rich people resides. We figured we would relocated and seek adventures in far away lands.

I also realized one other fact is that I have to obtain is a camera phone because trying to take pictures at other peoples yard sales with a regular camera just makes you creepy McCreepy. I got a few with the excuse that I was wanting to show what ever it was to my husband when I got home but that only goes so far. I need a camera phone and then I wont even have to ask I can just shoot away. Well what can I say the name of my blog says it all I probably wont ever get my stuff all togeather ... but we are always trying and that is all that matters