Saturday, April 21, 2012

Kid Free businesses

I heard of all these businesses that are going kid free. Then I heard all the breeders (non active parents) start cranking up about how much these business owners must be kid hater.  That you should  never step foot in there establishments. This made me laugh it was so misunderstood. Then this week not only are people stepping foot in these businesses they are gaining business..... Kid free restraunts, kid free theatres, even " kid free" cruises. Cue: breeders scratching heads and organizing internet mobs. What parents of today's spoiled, undisciplined children don't get is that it isn't the kids we hate .....IT IS YOU we hate! Understand,  if you don't get nothing else from this piece.... your kids we feel the utmost pity for. Being saddled with lazy, unresponsible parents such as yourself either are too lazy to make your kids mind .. or just stupid if you think that letting them "Do their own thing" is a great choice of parenting. I think most parents today are the first kind .... I think they are kids themselves. I think they had kids because either they were copying their friends  or their parents begged and begged for grand kids, so they just joined a cult I refer to as  Breeders... now at first this was awesome they had this little being that even though they pooped and peed themselves .... they netted the parents bookoo's of attention and this probably lasted til 2 years old. Then this child need a parent. A grown-up if you will to teach them how to act and behave. Now back in the day this was doable.... parents were strong enough to take the time and patience to school their young in the lessons that would teach them to be viable human beings. The today parent is way to busy playing on the Internet ...pinning.....posting and liking other useless parents Facebook profiles..they are too busy leaving their kids with anyone that will watch them while they go shopping ...getting nails done ...tanning or getting drunk with the boy or golfing anything to escape the responsibility of raising ones young. If they do have to actually spend time with these little snot bubbles they buy them way too many toys and most of these toys are what I call "distraction toys" they are to distract the child away from needing anything from the parents that is why their are 2 billion kids out there that would rather play Call of Duty than to go out to the lake for the day. Now you sit and wonder why oh why do all these mean people hate my kids ....well they don't they honestly hate your lack of parenting skills. The way you sit there and let your kids run around these eating establishments without so much as a word. You hold these 2 year old and let them scream non stop for a spand of 20 minutes til you make me want to walk up and take the child from you and see what in the world is wrong with it. The correct thing is to take your child if you cant get them to stop crying outside and away from people that are trying to enjoy a night out. Once the child is under control you come back in ...if they are running and acting up ...1st time you take them to the bathroom and explain what will happen if they act up again ..2nd time you follow through with punishment. Now back in my day that was a spanking but now I think its a strong talking to. But if you cant make your child mind then you might want to think about eating at home .... watching netflix  ..... You have to parent people its not optional. Its a requirement. Its gotten sobad that they are throwing you and your kid out of places that has to tell you something.