Sunday, April 22, 2012

Cell phones and your kids

I know that I am going to catch alot of heck for what I am about to write ... but I dont write in this blog to please people or to get people to vist my website. I write in this blog either because I think something is funny,sad, cute  ...or something has pissed me off and I feel that I need to share it with the world. I think most of the time that the world his headed to hell in a hand basket and there isnt a damn thing we can do to turn it around ... Well todays topic is ....(drum roll please) kids and what is too young to have a cell phone. I was reading on CafeMom and this mom Becky posted:

11yo talking about sex on cell phone?

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I have talked to my 11 year old daughter about sex before. About abstinance, disease, pregnancy and all that, but the other day, i saw a text on her phone that made me realize that that her and a boy were having a conversation about sex, and i'm having a hard time with what i should say to her about it. I asked her what the conversation was about, and she told me that this boy told her that he had been having "wierd" thoughts about her, like of them making out and stuff. She says she has not done anything, but i am looking for advise about what to say to her, how to react without overreacting. She is my only child, so i haven't had to deal with anything like this before...HELP!

Now lets stop right there.... Why in Gods name does an 11 year old child have a cell phone? I think we put that internet into these young childrens hands with the thought that everyones kids have a cell phone. I feel they would be safer if they have a cell phone .... and then the one that drives me to cuss...parents that feel they have equpped their child with a cell phone sitter and they dont have to worry about them. at 11 years old I always knew where my kids where...they were either with me or at school or with a family member. I didnt need to call my eleven year old because 90% of the time they were with me and if not I had the number of the person that I deemed worthy enough to watch my kids. We go to a rather large church and one Wednesday night my son who was 14 years old at the time was being made fun of by a 6 year old because she had a cell phone and my son did not. Really? Wow!!   I believe fully that we are throwing an adult world at these kids and they are not ready for it nor God gave these kids dont want to parent anymore and they have found this really neat device that lets them do what ever they want and they feel their kids are safe ....or they hand them to them because if they dont then their kid will be ousted and no one will like themat school....let me tell you my son is now 15 and 1/2 years old and finally last month he recieved my old cell phone and he only has talk and text and believe you me it is checked on an almost daily shedule ....parnets grow a pair and be a real parent, It isnt being your kids friend ...they have friends they need a parent that shows them right and wrong and shields them from things they are not old enough for.