Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Hi .... today's blog is going to be titled "The George Foreman Grill Mind blower" I am always looking for ways that get me the heck out of the kitchen. Just because I was born with "Lady Parts" did not make me a automatic chef. I have never had a natural desire to cook. With that said I am going to share with you something so simple ...but every time I tell someone about it ...they freak out on me .... like wow that's is awesome!! Why in the world didn't I think of that. So I thought it was time to blog it ...Pin it and face book this for the people out there that not only hate to cook but hate to clean as well. First you need a George Foreman Grill ...

                                  Any size .... this is one of those times that size really doesn't matter. As
                                                    you can see mine gets alot of use.

Now you are going to need some Tin Foil. I use Reynolds Wrap because it is thicker.That helps when you are getting meat off of the tin foil.

                           You pull off enough tin foil to cover the bottom and top of your grill
Meat on foil
 Season it or not

Now here is a freebie that I am going to throw out there just because of thegood human being that I am. See that black tray in the picture above .... Well place that under the food "BEFORE" you start cooking so it can go ahead and catch all the grease and juices BEFORE
 they run all over the counter and make a total mess and make you say words that you have to pray about later!!!


                    Place your other piece of foil on top of this and pull lid down as usual.
                                           Few minutes later food is hopefully not fatal
                                                            and can be consumed
(It will be hot so please handle with caution)
Chicken on platter. Wad up tin foil and throw away.

And low and behold most of the time you will have
a clean grill that you might have to wipe down with a rag.
Most of the time it will be totally (Sorta) clean.

Thank you and God speed!!