Saturday, July 31, 2010

Yard Sale Saturday ...its a religion

Hello, and welcome to the very first posting of "Procrasinista" Which sums up my life thousands of projects and very few I have finished . My name is Jill and I will be Your hostess, so now I will shut up and you can begin our first adventure.

Well I was supposed to get up at 6 this morning to the alarm that I set last night, but I woke at 6:13 because I set it for p.m. instead of a.m. Oh well not that bad. I noticed a few clouds but nothing horrible. (Glasses for baggy, swollen ,I am up too early after no sleep glasses.)

I stopped by the ATM for my money, got to my best friend Jamies house around 7 and she was sitting on her front porch waiting on me. I got out of the truck and left my camera in the truck so there will be not pictures today of actual yardsaling because I suck at normal everyday brain skills.

The sky threated all morning that it was going to drown us ...we even watched people putting up there yardsales because chickens where afraid of a little water.

We probably hit 15-20 yard Sales.

Jamie got an awesome picture that came from Kirklands for $3.00 and I came away with some new shirts and shorts. A brand new doggie style (lol) cookie cutters that I use for my polymer clay and the werid thing is that I am making the embellisments for my daughter puppy Oliver's scrapbooking and I have been looking everywere for more than just the bone cookie cutters and Lo and behold ...there just appeared like "magic".

Here is my daughter Heather and here "Puppy" Oliver.

Here is the cookie cutters

And I got them all for a dollar

and here is the really werid thing I came across ..... I hit one of the yard sales
and being the craft diva that I am digging in the craft stuff and look what I came across


My sons name is Taylor now its off to Micheal's
for the letter "R".

And for only 10 cents a letter ... Yoo Haa !!!!!

Well until next weekend unless it is pouring down raining ....Good luck and Good Yardsaling!!