Sunday, August 8, 2010

"Six Conversational Habits to Ditch Today."

O.k. guys I came across this page that was titled


It blew me away because out of the Six I am total guilty of 5 of these.


This scared me!


1.Focusing on Your Inner Monologue Instead of the Dialogue in Front of You

2.Double-tasking While You Chat

3.Cutting People off Mid-Sentence

4.Fishing for Compliments

5.Throwing off Compliments with Self-Effacing Remarks

6.Seeking Attention by Complaining About Your Life


Number 4 is the only one that I dont do ...which I dont understand that

one if you have number 5 .... I am always putting myself down all the time

I couldnt imagine fishing for someone to say something nice to me because

then I would have to blow whatever they said nice about me out of the water .

I know that my real mother giving me up to someone else is the reason I have

incorporated these habits and thats great that you spent an hour telling me I

need to quit these habits there a list anywhere of "how" You quit doing

these things to yourself when they are old deep rooted habits...what is the

blueprint on undoing these self destroying habits?