Monday, August 30, 2010

Please forgive me

I have gone far too many days and not written you guys, Life is a changing around the Hilliard household. I am going to explain this without a lot of detail .... I promise to write a full on blog about this extreme time of my life but this is just going to be a catch up thingy .... 3 years and some change ago I was having a party at my house for a girlfriend of mine that had just arrived from arkansas. We ran out of cigarettes (I dont have that nasty habit anymore) and I needed a 2-liter. I didnt want to go but my daughter Heather didnt want to drive alone ...ended up Heather driving. I in the passenger seat and my son Taylor in the back seat behind me. We went to cross the interection to the store and was struck by a drunk driver who tried to drive off. He had just left work where he ask to have the night off so he could sleep enough (He worked thirds) to attend his 1st DUI hearing the next morning. Well real quick Heather got banged up with a sprained ankle and Taylor had his arm tore up really good. I was in a coma for 11 days lost a spleen and spent the next year in and out of the hospital 3 operations and a staff infection later I begain the healing process. Well last week we finally signed the papers on our settlement. My kids are well took care of ...Heather is buying a house and Taylor's college is done .... Me and Robert got enough to pay off our bills and do some much needed repairs on this house and maybe a vacation ...I havent had one in 14 years ...the last 3 years I have had no cell phone and no car these things are about to be fixed (thank you lord) So all this week has been about getting all our ducks in a row and paying people off while dancing in front of them ...I have given many an office worker a good laugh but this is a big deal for us .... many people go for the frame and fortune and all I have ever dreamed of is less bills and a working fridge .... oh I forgot to tell you the 18th of this month our fridge died quitely in the middle of the day. So now we are using the little dorm fridge that was in Roberts shop. But the blessing now is that the labor day sales are about to happen and we are going to blow electronic express off the but well thats all its just been really busy and I have been dedicated to my working out. I think I might be building a muscle... either that or I strained something and its just swollen... but I would like to think either way that its possitive rather than negative.