Sunday, August 8, 2010

I think my husband is fatting me up !!

O.k SO I totally forgot last night when I came back from dinner to post this bit I have to tell you something ...

I THINK ROBERT (*Husband*)IS GOING TO EAT ME!! Like for dinner!

I had a really bad emotional day know ladies everything pisses you off and you want to blame it all on your husband or your kids ...yeah you know, well we had a talk because of all the bad habits my husband has he is a awesome partner and when I get really crazy like yesterday he sits and talks me off the cliff.
Well I was almost at the end of pouring out my soul and I was commenting on how I really need to lose all this weight that I have gained when my loving and caring husband looks at me and says "Thats great honey but we are still going out to eat tonight" So it was at that moment that I started fearing for my life .... not only did we go to outback for steaks and chicken we stopped in at Krogers and got Ice cream, donuts and cinny-bunns good heavens. I went to bed miserable last night I was so miserible I couldnt even sleep ....but I guess I havent hit target weight yet because I woke this morning to see anoughter day. Belive you me that I am keeping my eye on him.
This isnt an isolated thing I was at Walgreens today and my friend Ashley was there and of course this is Tennessee so we have to Jaw for serval minutes and apparently her fiance Shannon is doing the same thing to her so both of us are headed to the gym!!

anyway night guys this time for real.